Gender: Female

Status: Engaged

Birthday: November 10th (Scorpio)

Height: 5’5


Race: Human

Abilities: Writing, Planning, and Organizing.

Languages: French and English.

Job: Video Game Tester

Family: Fiancee, Father, and Mother.

Favorites: Blue, Roleplaying, White Chocolate, and Cats.



I wasn't really popular in school, but I loved to read. I started writing in high school, but eventually almost stopped due to some toxic friend issues. Creativity helped a lot to pass through it.

I studied Spanish and German in college and got my diploma in 2009, but I can't even remember the basics since I don't use those languages in everyday life.^^' 

Since then, I worked different jobs here and there and I came across video game testing through my fiancee and we now work together every day. 

We are currently working on a manga that will be called Café Dolce and I also write some stories on my own. 

I hope you love what you read on this website and if you ever feel like it, please help to share so I can have more reviews to help me write better. 

Thanks a lot and have a nice read!^^